(all images copyright 1997 Ray Herbert)

Babe O Rama "Tamara's Origionals"

Artists and innovators always had an ear and a friend in "Panorama" Ray Herbert. Mitch, shown above in his fly persona was one of these. Artist and party giver extraordinaire, Mitch is owner of Mitch's warehouse and friend to Tamara who was looking for a professionl photo of her spring collection.

Patty (Rays widow)

Ray always loved beautiful girls. His fondest dream was to shoot a Nude A Rama. He was getting closer and closer to the Nude A Rama but he hadn't convinced enough girls to do it. He had volunteers but he was picky. Even Holly, so beautiful, he thought so much of her that he didn't want to shoot her nude. He asked me to do it... only because he knew I wouldn't.

Lost In Suburbia

Finally, we come to the end of our journey through panoramic time. Mick O'Dowd stumbles into suburbia where he becomes entranced with it's alure. After his moment of hesitation, he starts to sell us this illusion but catches him self just in time to make his escape.


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