"Panorama" Ray Herbert
never painted a picture that didn't tell a story
They are self portraits, if you will,
and this is his story
(all images are copyright 1997 Ray Herbert)

Ray was born and raised in Atlantic City. His first job, shown above, was taking pictures of the cruise boats. He had a shack on the beach where he would develope and print these pictures, he would then sell them to the tourists on their return.

This is one of Ray's first paintings, a memory of a land that no longer exists. Ray would return to the sea, in his paintings, if not in real life. The area that Ray chose to live in, the Cabbage Town section of Atlanta has a lot in common with his old Atlantic City neighborhood. Ray was at home here, both the community and his art would benifit.

Quiet and unassuming, Patty, Ray's wife was an anchor in his life. She managed, while Ray was, well, Ray.


When we first moved to Cabbage Town and the kids got our phone number, all I was doing was answering the phone and it was all little kids wanting Ray to come out and play. We never sat down and had one meal that wasn't interupted by at least one of these kids. They were just wild about him.

Patty talks about the Church Lady

Before we leave Ray's beloved Cabbbage Heads, a parting shot from Ray on the guy who closed the Cabbagetown Festival (written on the reverse side)

Cabbage Heads have been pissing on Jakes Place since the day he moved in and pulled the plug on the Cabbageheads Reunion Party. Cabbageheads never forget and they do a lot of peeing.

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