No one dreamed bigger than "Panorama" Ray Herbert
when it came to the Olympics
(All images copyright 1997 Ray Herbert)

Ray was certainly loved by those that knew him. An encounter with Panorama Ray always made you feel better, it was enabling. He wanted everyone to know that they impact other's lives, and to live accordingly. Those are not searchlights in this Atlanta skyline, but individual rays from hidden pedestrians.

Mick O' Dowd talks about rays

It was about this time, with the coming of the Olympics that his creativity surged. Panorama Ray had many artist friends, Caroline is a native American Indian who collaborated with Ray on his "moving stills" panoramas.

Locking up a Sweatie Indian

Patty (Ray's wife)
Actually it's Ray's fault because he's the one that did the paint job on her. He put her pasties on with masking tape. She started to sweat and they fell off. And then she got arrested. They actually took her to jail like that, dragged her naked without letting her put anything on. He had been going to court with her, over and over. I hope that now that he's gone, she doesn't get railroaded.

The Flayed Red Shark

Mick O'Dowd on the Red Shark

And so we come to the flayed red shark that we all know as the Olympic Atlanta floating in the sky that is the tranquil memory that is the childhood of Atlantic City.

What's he doing, has the Seagull got time? It's got time to contemplate that it's a seagull sitting on a stump, a mooring post in fact.

And here's the flayed shark, all day dancing all night.

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