(all images copyright 1997 Ray Herbert)

Moving stills at Mrs. Little's

Holly doesn't know what brought her to Cabbage Town. There is something about the place and the people that can't quite be put into words.

Here, in Cabbage Town, everyone knows Ray. And so it was after being here a few months that she paid him a visit. Holly is demure (and very bright) yet she has a photogenic presence that Ray saw at once. In little more than nine months, they collaborated on many, many panoramas. Although Ray had done moving stills before, they would together refine the process.

Major Art "Holly Hollywood"

I think that Holly found her self here. After living here for just under two years, she decided to return to Kentucky (where she's is studying law).

The panorama shown below was Holly's idea, it was to be their last together. Oakland Cemetary borders on the limits of Cabbage Town. And, it is here that we leave Holly and the confines of Cabbage Town and journey into the melding of time and photography.

Leaving Atlanta "Holly Hollywood"

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